Life Jackets

are not very expensive and can be purchased easily in most towns and cities or Wear It Australia Shop Now!. Vessels and water craft in Australian waters, by law, must have a specified number of life jackets aboard. Why then, do so many recreational boaties and sailors risk their and others lives by not wearing them in potentially hazardous situations – and in some cases, not even bothering to have enough on board for every crew member. Some are still in their retail plastic bags!

Life jackets Do Save Lives – even an Olympic swimmer should wear one when they are in open water or involved in activities such as fishing, power boating and jet-skiing.

  • Should an accident happen, you may have to spend a long time in the water.
  • You may have to swim to shore or;
  • You could even be unconscious.
  • A life jacket will keep you buoyant, particularly when tired.
  • If you are out on the water your life jacket should always be on or nearby.
  • A life jacket that is stowed away will be of no use to you in an emergency.

Ever witnessed people about to be rescued from their sinking boat trying to work out how to put their life jackets on? If it were not serious – it is full of laughter…

They’re of no use to you if they’re not worn!

Wear It Australia is based on the successful WEAR IT! campaign conducted in the U.S.A. by the National Safe Boating Council.

In Australia, we’re here to encourage everyone on (or near) the water – from kayakers, rock fishermen to commercial trawlermen and professional sailing crews – to wear life jackets and potentially save life.

There are links to the various state government’s legislative requirements, news stories and latest product releases – designed to Engage, Educate and Encourage.

Thank you for taking the time to browse this site. WEAR IT AUSTRALIA!


Designed and manufactured to the Australian Standard AS4758.1 and approved to Level 150, this all-purpose inflatable PFD is the perfect companion to a vast array of activities, from rock fishing to offshore sailing.

It is also available in Automatic (ISSA1501) inflation with a pull cord to trigger the 33 gram CO2 cylinder. The automatic model will inflate when submerged in water, but as a back-up, it is also equipped with an oral inflation tube.

Features: * Level 150 Australian Standard AS4758.1 Approved * Manual Co2 Gas Inflation * Rated 150 Newtons of Buoyancy * Double Sealed Bladder * Easy to Adjust Waistband * UML Firing Mechanism * Grab Strap * Oral Inflation/Deflation Tube * Whistle * Velcro cover for repacking * Neoprene Collar for comfort & no chaffing * 6 x Reflective tape * Velcrocover for easier repacking * Neoprene Collar for comfort & no chaffing * Storage bag * 3 Year Australian warranty & Service agents * Suits chest size 70cm to 140cm * Suitable for Body Mass of 40kg and Over

Price Includes Delivery Within Australia

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