10 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear a PFD1 Life Jacket.

“Man Overboard!”

10 reasons why you should always wear a PFD1 life jacket.

1. Reduces panic. If it’s on, you don’t have to waste precious moments looking for it and putting it on in an emergency. Always consider you have less than 2 minutes to action.

2. Keeps your head above water even if you’re unconscious.

3. Makes you more visible in the water.

4. Protects your body.

5. Reduces the risk of hypothermia.

6. Helps prevent exhaustion from treading water.

7. It makes it easier for rescuers to pluck you from the water.

8. It will accommodate a PLB, whistle etc for better chances of survival.

9. Sets an example to others and sends the safety message out loud and clear – especially to children.

10. It may just save your life one day.


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