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Go Whistle With A Titanic Call!

Remember that scene near the end of the movie Titanic where poor Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) had frozen to death and been sent to Davy Jones Locker and Rose (Kate Winslet) was barely alive and clinging onto a door from the wreck to keep her afloat?

The rescue boat came and didn’t look like finding her until she reached for a whistle attached to the frozen corpse of a nearby sailor and blew it to draw their attention. Remember? It was the whistle that saved her.

Today, most life jackets come with a whistle attached. Some are pretty good – others are a bit pathetic and their sound simply won’t carry over distance or the noise of crashing waves and howling wind.

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Higher Life Jacket Wearing Rate Would Reduce Drowning In NSW Boating

The wearing of lifejackets is the one factor that overarches most of the safety issues highlighted by this report. Indeed, it is very likely that higher lifejacket wearing rates would have prevented many of the 64.7% of recreational vessel fatalities thought to have been caused by drowning over the period 2002–03 to 2011–12.  First and… Continue Reading


Surviving 20 Hours In The Water

The information on this page tells an extraordinary true story of three men who survived 20 hours in the water after their vessel was swamped in bad weather. The lessons learnt section provides a reminder of the importance of having your safety equipment easily accessible and in good condition. This incident is also an example… Continue Reading


Wear Lifejackets When Crossing Bars.

  A recent story in the Australian AFLOAT Magazine has prompted us again at Wear It Australia to engage, educate and encourage skippers to make sure they and all crew members on board are wearing the appropriate PFD – life jacket.  If you’re not sure when to wear it, then it’s best to think of the old slogan “If it’s not on – It’s… Continue Reading


Courtney Mae Simon not to be just another statistic

On June 11, 2011, a mother’s worst nightmare unfolded when 14 year old Courtney Mae Simon went missing on Lake Macquarie – Australia’s largest coastal salt-water lake and twice the size of Sydney Harbour. Courtney had set off at around 2pm in a four-metre tinnie with two friends, heading for one of the islands on… Continue Reading


Lifejacket Attached To Sinking Boat Saves Fisherman

The submerged vessel with the fishermen’s makeshift lifejacket signal flag. An offshore training exercise for New South Wales Marine Rescue Shellharbour turned into a quick-response rescue operation when the crew of a sinking boat made a Mayday call on Saturday morning. The half-cabin boat with two fishermen on board had begun taking on water in… Continue Reading