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The greater need of education and water safety eduction has never been so important now that many children are leaving primary school unable to swim and with an aging population contributing to an increase level of drownings.

Do You Or Anyone You Know Go Rock Fishing?

Rock Fishing also needs to Wear It!
Rock Fishing also needs to Wear It!

Rock fishing survey to improve safety

Đá khảo sát đánh bắt cá để cải thiện an toàn


Jī diào diàochá, yǐ tígāo ānquán xìng

As part of Life Saving Victoria’s (LSV) rock fishing safety communications project, the team is currently conducting research to better understand rock fisher’s knowledge and practices around rock fishing.

LSV would like to hear from people who go rock fishing and people who know someone that goes rock fishing. If you fit into either group please go to  to complete the survey.

It takes about 10 minutes and is available in English and Chinese simplified text. Continue Reading


Boaters Warned Of Continued Hypothermia Risk

With another month of winter ahead, boaters need to remember the potentially deadly consequences of immersion in cold water and the need to guard against hypothermia. Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting Director Maritime Michael Wright said the loss of body heat is one of the greatest hazards to a person in the water. “Hypothermia… Continue Reading


What Not To Wear

Just as you know that a pair of vinyl shoes won’t last as long as a genuine leather pair and a polyester suit won’t hang as well as one made from quality wool, the same standards apply to your lifejacket. It’s important to choose quality over price when buying your lifejacket. It must fit properly,… Continue Reading


Cold Water Immersion

  Up here in Queensland where I live, we tend to take our warm weather and equally warm coastal waters for granted. Even in mid-winter, our coastal water temperatures are usually quite mild. On a recent visit M.A.S.T. (Marine and Safety Tasmania) in Hobart, I picked up one of their flyers – Cold Water Immersion… Continue Reading


Call For National Life Jacket Uniformity

One of the primary reasons for launching Wear It Australia was to provide a single entry point for access to Australian state governments’ rules and regulations for the wearing of life jackets. With no national governing body – unlike many other countries – the rules for life jacket wear are mandated by each state legislator.… Continue Reading


103 People Have Drowned In NSW Boating, Greg Piper MP Pleads For Wear It!

Life jacket campaigner, Wear It Courtney’s Rule, Cathy Simon was given New South Wales parliamentary air time by Independent Member for Lake Macquarie, Mr Greg Piper (MP) recently who highlighted her Wear It activities and requested government representatives to afford the time to listen to her. The following is the private members statement Mr Piper presented in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly… Continue Reading