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Taming Tigers With Rescue Whistles

Rescue Whistles Tame TigersA few weeks ago we wrote about the importance of safety whistles and mentioned the scene from Titanic where Rose was saved by blowing a whistle – and thus attracting the attention of the lifeboat which rescued her from a certain cold and watery death.

Recently, we watched the movie Life of Pi and discovered new uses for a safety whistle. So next time you find yourself lost at sea sharing a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger, remember that the safety whistle attached to your life jacket could be your tiger-taming salvation!

Humour apart, an emergency, safety whistle is a vital part of your safety equipment and survival plan. If you don’t have one or yours is inadequate, buy now one of our Wear It Australia whistles.

A simple, plastic whistle could be a life-saver even if there are no man-eating tigers to tame on your boat.


Easier to be Heard than Seen! - Safety Whistles Designed by Search & Rescue Professionals

Summary Features

Third Chamber With Loud Pea Creates A Loud 120 Decibel Staccato Sound

Two Outer Pea-Less Chambers Create Separate Omni Directional Sounds

Waffled Sure-Grip for Wet, Cold or Gloved Hands

ABS Plastic will not stick to Lips and Mouth in cold weather

Includes Free Postage Within Australia

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Call For National Life Jacket Uniformity

One of the primary reasons for launching Wear It Australia was to provide a single entry point for access to Australian state governments’ rules and regulations for the wearing of life jackets. With no national governing body – unlike many other countries – the rules for life jacket wear are mandated by each state legislator.… Continue Reading


103 People Have Drowned In NSW Boating, Greg Piper MP Pleads For Wear It!

Life jacket campaigner, Wear It Courtney’s Rule, Cathy Simon was given New South Wales parliamentary air time by Independent Member for Lake Macquarie, Mr Greg Piper (MP) recently who highlighted her Wear It activities and requested government representatives to afford the time to listen to her. The following is the private members statement Mr Piper presented in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly… Continue Reading


Higher Life Jacket Wearing Rate Would Reduce Drowning In NSW Boating

The wearing of lifejackets is the one factor that overarches most of the safety issues highlighted by this report. Indeed, it is very likely that higher lifejacket wearing rates would have prevented many of the 64.7% of recreational vessel fatalities thought to have been caused by drowning over the period 2002–03 to 2011–12.  First and… Continue Reading

Gairloch Tragedy – What’s the Difference between a Buoyancy Vest and a Life Jacket?

Gairloch Tragedy – What’s the Difference between a Buoyancy Vest and a Life Jacket?

The difference is simply that a buoyancy vest (a waistcoat with foam on the inside) will help keep you afloat but only a life jacket will keep your head above water if you fall unconscious. This critical point of difference was highlighted in a tragedy in Scotland earlier this year when a man and three… Continue Reading


Times have changed for Life Jacket wearing

A recent visit to the Titanic exhibition at Liverpool Dockland’s Maritime Museum highlighted just how far life jacket design has progressed over the last century. The bulky, cumbersome and yes, rather ugly, flotation devices that the passengers and crew of the doomed Titanic wore in 1912 have evolved into the functional, colourful and stylish life… Continue Reading


Surviving 20 Hours In The Water

The information on this page tells an extraordinary true story of three men who survived 20 hours in the water after their vessel was swamped in bad weather. The lessons learnt section provides a reminder of the importance of having your safety equipment easily accessible and in good condition. This incident is also an example… Continue Reading