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Call For National Life Jacket Uniformity

WIA Encourage Wearing A PFD At All Times!
WIA Encourage Wearing A PFD At All Times!

One of the primary reasons for launching Wear It Australia was to provide a single entry point for access to Australian state governments’ rules and regulations for the wearing of life jackets. With no national governing body – unlike many other countries – the rules for life jacket wear are mandated by each state legislator.

For any boatie, this can become extremely confusing but can, no doubt, be a “nice little earner” for the various government enforcement agencies! With the introduction of different types of water activities and craft – like paddle boards – in recent years, this has subsequently been followed with the introduction of more new rules to suit each new activity.

We now have a vast range of personal flotation devices (PFD’s) to apparently suit every craft and context and the high level of cross-over between the activity and ocean conditions has prompted one of our readers to submit this story as a point of discussion. Continue Reading