Four men in a boat on a deep, cold Scottish loch.

Here’s a nice scene of Loch Long in Scotland in early autumn. It was a cool but tranquil day and these four men in a boat were likely fishing for cod, whiting or mackerel which are abundant in this sea loch.

Notice anything wrong with this picture?

Before you answer, let me add that Loch Long is twenty miles long and around one to two miles wide and up to thirty metres deep and is open to the sea – yet none of the men were wearing life jackets. I don’t know if there were even any on board.

Accidents can happen in a flash. You could be in the water before you had chance to put on a life jacket. Are you able to swim? Even for a strong swimmer, would you be able to swim once your clothes became water-logged? Could you make it to shore and safety?

Wearing a life jacket isn’t guaranteed to save your life but it gives you and your mates more than a fighting chance.


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