Taming Tigers With Rescue Whistles

Rescue Whistles Tame TigersA few weeks ago we wrote about the importance of safety whistles and mentioned the scene from Titanic where Rose was saved by blowing a whistle – and thus attracting the attention of the lifeboat which rescued her from a certain cold and watery death.

Recently, we watched the movie Life of Pi and discovered new uses for a safety whistle. So next time you find yourself lost at sea sharing a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger, remember that the safety whistle attached to your life jacket could be your tiger-taming salvation!

Humour apart, an emergency, safety whistle is a vital part of your safety equipment and survival plan. If you don’t have one or yours is inadequate, buy now one of our Wear It Australia whistles.

A simple, plastic whistle could be a life-saver even if there are no man-eating tigers to tame on your boat.

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