Lifejacket and Whistle saves rock fisherman’s life

Water Police, supported by the Police Helicopter, Ambulance Helicopter, Police Rescue & Local Patrols from Rose Bay in New South Wales were successful in finding another missing rock fisherman.

Fortunately a local resident heard the sound of a whistle coming from the sea who then called emergency services. The whistle was attached to the lifejacket.

A major search operation was launched and it was not long before the fisherman was found and taken on board the Water Police boat.

The man, believed to be aged fifty two had been washed off rocks while fishing at night. It’s understood he was in the water for around an hour before a nearby resident heard his screams & whistles for help.

He was taken to Watsons Bay wharf and treated for hyperthermia and shock and then transported to hospital.

When asked if he was “out there long” he responded “too long”.  

Wear It Australia and Police appeal to all rock fisherman to:

  • Choose the safest possible location and take time to observe the conditions before casting their line; Always fish with someone else who can raise the alarm with a mobile phone
  • Keep an eye on the waves at all times- the 1 in a 1000 is a rogue wave!
  • Be alert to the weather and tidal conditions
  • Wear high visibility lightweight clothing with reflective tape; footwear with non-slip soles or cleats; a flotation lifejacket; strobe light; and head protection; and
  • Carry a float and line to help anyone else who might be washed into the water.

thank you to; freenewsau 30/11/2011

Tips and resources for safer Rock Fishing


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