Ready Set Wear It!

SATURDAY 18th MAY 2019

 “setting a New Awareness to bring a world of change to boating safety and lifejacket wear”

Wear It Australia, in association with the North American National Safe Boating Council, is encouraging the media, recreational & professional boating skippers to participate on Saturday, May 18th 2019 in the “Ready, Set, Wear It” Life Jacket Awareness Day. This once a year day is to Engage, Educate and Encourage the life saving use of a lifejacket.

The objective of the day is to gather as many as possible participants in Australia and around the World to wear and inflate their inflatable life jackets. The goal is not only to promote the comfortable and versatile options when it comes to life jackets, but to educate the public about life jackets and safe boating & on-water activities.

As an alternative to activating the CO2 cannister on the inflatable lifejacket because of cost constraints, skippers are encouraged to follow their respective brands manufactures’ test instructions on May 18th.

Why not gather a few fishing mates around home on the Saturday afternoon and have a test, inspect and wear event!

This opportunity to test and inspect should also take place for non inflatable life jackets.

Here are just a few general inspection checks, however refer to your manufacturers self inspection instructions:

  1. Identify where they are stored on the vessel. Label all compartment doors.
  2. Remove from the sealed retail packaging – we hope not!
  3. Life jacket expiry date
  4. The lifejacket has no wear or damage
  5. Hooks, loops or zippers are all ok in good working condition
  6. All straps have no visible damage
  7. Lifting becket has no damage
  8. Open and close all buckles
  9. Test the attached whistle by blowing loudly

Additional for inflatable life jackets;

  1. Check the oral inflation tube for any visible damage
  2. Open the covers and check all fittings and the lung for signs of abrasion or wear.
  3. Inflate by blowing into the red oral tube and leave inflated in a room for 24 hours in stable air temperature.
  4. Check there is no loss of pressure or visible damage to the lung while inflated.

These are only a few checks to conduct which will not financially cost you dollars – only your time.

 Who should participate?

  • all boating skippers & crew
  • maritime professionals, government on-water employees
  • marine rescue groups
  • boating & fishing retailers / shops
  • boating & sailing clubs
  • fishing clubs
  • rock fisherman
  • surf life savers
  • parents with home swimming pool use

Wear It Australia extends the offer to groups to submit a photograph or video of the group “inflation” on the day and share on social media with the hashtags #RSWI2019 #lifejacket2work and #safeboating

So come on Australia – Ready, Set, Wear It Australia!


Ready Set Wear It

Ready Set Wear It

Ready Set Wear It

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