Rock Fishing Can Be Dangerous – Check The Weather Before You Go!

Surf Life Saving Australia and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have combined forces with a campaign aimed at promoting marine weather forecasting information for rock fishers so they can make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary risks. 

Bureau of Meteorology National Manager for Marine Weather Services, Neal Moodie, says “rock fishing is popular in coastal areas, but certain conditions can also make it extremely dangerous.”

“Dangerous surf conditions such as high or rising tides, large waves, strong winds – or a combination of these factors – can make this recreational activity potentially life threatening,” said Mr Moodie.

 “The Bureau’s website is a one-stop-shop for weather information to ensure you’re prepared for the type of conditions you can expect out on the water.

 “In addition to land-based weather and warnings, the Bureau provides tidal information together with around-the-clock marine forecasts and wind warnings.

 “High tide or rapidly rising tides can cover a rock fishing spot, or cause waves to break onto these locations, increasing the risk of becoming trapped or being swept off the rocks.

 “Large seas, swell waves and strong winds are also contributing factors to fishers being swept off rocks, which can potentially be fatal.

 “Together we’ve created a dedicated page with quick links to warnings, marine forecasting services and tide information to bring together three key areas relevant for rock fishers,” Mr Moodie said.

Surf Life Saving Australia says the two most important things for safety when rock fishing is to always wear a lifejacket and appropriate non-slip footwear.

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