South Australia

Lifejacket rules and regulations for South Australia, Australia:

All vessels operating in South Australian waters are legally required to carry certain safety equipment.

Depending on the vessel’s size and type, and where it is being used, for example, in the open sea or in a river, e.g River Murray which encompasses both Australian states – South Australia and Victoria. For certain types of vessels and activities, it’s required that you wear a PFD at all times.

To keep safe, all children should wear a life jacket, when they are in any open area of a vessel. This is because during an incident you may not have the opportunity to help children.

A life jacket should only be worn while on deck and not when a child is within a deckhouse, cabin or secure enclosed space as it could impede the child from making a safe exit. Always remember you have less than 2 minutes to get one on before going into the water.

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