Wiggles singer, Greg Page, talks of his love for EVIE – a Wear It Australia exclusive interview

Bill Edgar Greg Page

Greg Page might look good in his trademark yellow skivvie but he looks even better in a black rashie. Greg partnered with EVIE (Emergency Vest Inflatable Equipment) creator Bill Edgar twelve months ago to promote wearing the EVIE inflatable rashie – not just to children but also their parents and anyone who spends time in, on or around water. “Educate the children and they will teach their parents”, he said from the Gold Coast’s Sanctuary Cove yesterday. 

Both Bill and Greg spoke passionately about the EVIE inflatable rashie which has a great dual concept. It gives sun protection (UPF 50+) as well as buoyancy. You’ve essentially got a neat and comfortable life vest under the sun-safe outer rashie fabric. 

For all the guys who think it “uncool” to be seen in a lifejacket then wearing an EVIE is the answer – whether you’re rock fishing, kayaking, boating or mucking around in the surf. If you’re not a strong swimmer then a couple of puffs into the oral tube of your EVIE will give you extra buoyancy but if you find yourself in real trouble then you pull the emergency cord and the rashie will fully inflate. There are also automatic rashies in the EVIE range. 

Kids love wearing them and they give them confidence in the water whilst learning to swim and provide greater safety but if you’re boating with kids and don’t intend for them going in the water, then put them in the automatically inflatable rashie which inflates the second they hit the water if they fall overboard. This will help keep them afloat and their mouth and nose above water until they can be brought safely on board again. 

These rashies are also great for aqua therapy, giving the wearer confidence and stability. EVIE’s real-life testing of their rashie showed that in the case of children with a disability like autism, the ratio of required carers to participants dropped significantly due to the added safety factor. 

As a special treat for the team at Wear It Australia, Greg picked up his guitar, and with an improvised pick made from Bill’s business card, sang the two lively verses of the song he has written for kids – all about wearing your EVIE and having fun in the sun and in the water. Kids are sure to love its catchy tune and if it can get the message out there about being safe on, in or around water then more lives may be saved. 

EVIE sung by Greg Page exclusively for WEAR IT AUSTRALIA – thank you Greg..

Whilst the company which makes and distributes the inflatable rashie is Australian owned and operated, the manufacturing is done overseas in China. Bill would have liked to keep the entire operation within Australia but the costs were prohibitive and he had to look elsewhere. Now he owns a share in the company which makes the inflatable rashie so can closely monitor the quality and finishes. 

Wear It Australia says that if you find the conventional lifejacket too bulky or cumbersome, you simply want to combine sun protection with water safety or you just want to look “cool” whilst keeping safe then invest a few dollars and get yourself an EVIE inflatable rashie. 

EVIE meets the rigorous AS4758 1-2008 – Personal Floatation Devices and AS1900-2002 Flotation aids for water familiarisation and swimming tuition certification.


 Check out www.inflatablerashie.com.au  for more details of the EVIE inflatable rashie. 

Special thanks to Horizon Motor Yachts Australia for providing the venue for the interview


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